It does amaze me that “Christians” can even consider in any sense that the murder of a child is acceptable in any circumstance. Of course I apply this to anyone, but someone who calls them self a Christian has a greater responsibility because you have His book and His instructions are very clear. Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not murder NKJV.

To say it’s none of our business because it is the woman’s body is like saying we can’t judge anyone because we don’t know what would make a person do such and such. It is never going to be a valid argument, God has given us plenty of examples of what is acceptable and what isn’t. As it was once put very well ” What Moses brought down from the mountain, were not the 10 suggestions.” If you think your doing society a favor when you condone these things then please think about all the people who did nothing before and during Hitler’s time. I bet that the over 11 million people who died in those camps would will tell you differently. It may be your body but that life belongs to God, and if you remove it, you answer to Him. Remember this; anytime you kill someone you are trying to kill the very image of God. Gen 1:26a And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:

If this where not true He would not have cared about our eternal destiny. He would just have let us perish and then given out the punishment we deserved [see article on Salvation]. If your going to follow Christ then your going to have to follow Him all the way not just when it’s easy. With our world in the shape it’s in, to vote for someone who promotes abortion for whatever made up reason is the same as giving Satan that same vote. Please remember if we see an evil and do nothing to stand against it we must answer for being part of that evil. God bless


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