Does he know

It is the very fact that he was raised in Indonesia during his formative years that is concerning. He clearly has an affinity for Muslim countries and Muslim culture. Does he have an affinity for AMERICAN people and AMERICAN culture? The concern then becomes can he truly represent Americans if he does not understand us?

Does he have an understanding of who the Founding Fathers were? Christians and God-fearing men, many of whom were ordained ministers? Does he know why the Founding Fathers chose to set up our government the way they did? To preserve the Freedom OF Religion –not Freedom FROM Religion?

Does he know that George Washington dedicated the newly born nation of the United States of America to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to Christ? (On the very ground at Ground Zero!)

And that Washington said that if we, as a nation, should ever abandon God, God should remove the hedge of protection which He bestowed upon our fledgling nation? Does he recognize that 9/11 was the first lifting of that hedge? and that the financial collapse of 2008 was the second?

Does he understand that our nation is in danger of the judgment of God for the murder of our own children whose blood cries out from our landfills? Does he know that 3 different American leaders have pronounced pending judgment on the United States ALREADY. And that we must turn away from the ways of the world?

Does he understand that as our President he should be leading us as a nation in repentence, like Abraham Lincoln did, and lead us in a rededication to God and His ways? Does he understand that our purpose is to be a shining city on the hill for all the world to see?

Does he understand that though the United States is not perfect it has the best form of government in the world? That America IS exceptional . . . not because we are better people but because we have a Great God.

Does he know that America was never meant to placed under the authority of the world system but that it was meant to be separate and apart to God? Does he understand that the Founding Fathers preserved our Right to Bear Arms for the reason that a People cannot preserve their Freedom if the do not have the means to do so?

Does he understand the reason for the separation of powers that Congress makes the Laws and the Executive branch makes sure they are carried out? That the Executive branch does NOT make the Laws! It can suggest, prompt, encourage, and admonish, but it does NOT make the Laws. That usurping the power of Congress and the individual states WEAKENS the country? And that concentrating all the power in a few hands is dangerous?

Does he realize that we cannot make our country safe or prosperous if we cannot control who comes in or out of it? That the rule of Law is there to protect the citizens of the United States and as president his fidelity is to Americans first and foremost, however tragic the circumstances of those in other countries. If the United States falters under the burden of debt, we will not be able to help the very people we desire to help because we are crippled ourselves.

Does he know that Americans are the most generous people in the world? And that taking money from them to give to someone else is not the answer! Does he know that America was built on the idea that anyone –anyone can succeed if he works at it hard enough?

Does he Love this country like we do and understand that we do not love a “mere flag” but honor our flag because of what it represents! That we Love our nation of immigrants who are diverse but UNITED in our dedication to our Laws, our Constitution and our God?
And that we do not “cling to our God during times of trouble” . . . we cling to Him every moment, for every breath!

Does he know that just as America is a country under God’s authority, so also is Israel? and that to abandon Israel is to doom ourselves? God said, “I will bless those who bless you. And i will curse those who curse you.” That we bless or doom ourselves by how we treat Israel.

Christian Americans should know all this and more.
Author unknown

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