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Do you know God?

Someone I recently had a conflict with made the following statement. It was in regards to someone going from a former biker to a drag queen.

“Natives believe god makes or changes men and woman for a purpose and that even if we do not understand it there is a purpose ! pray that our creator helps you to accept this person”

My reaction at first was to tell her she was full of crap.

But I want to examine what a statement like that really means. And because of my stand I was called legalistic.

God in His Word tells us that when people do certain things it’s considered an abomination. I realize that in todays society in many places everyone wants to ignore what His Word says, but it’s still there.

No where does it say follow what I say until you don’t agree, then change what I mean. What God tells us is that if we choose to ignore Him, we are separating ourselves from Him even farther. I am someone who believes that the Bible is God’s complete guide to understanding Him. There are different forms of Blasphemy and when you say that He really doesn’t mean what He said, that He’s a liar. That none of it matters so we make up our own rules. If God says it’s an abomination then thats what He means.

Does it mean we hunt people down and hurt them? No, it means we don’t condone [accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue].

I have become so tired of seeing people who want to change God’s word because it’s easier than following His way. The women who made that statement more or less let me know I didn’t really know God and would answer for it one day.
But in all fairness I said this first. ” How dare you accuse God of changing someone. People do it all by themselves, and if you think thats from God you don’t know Him”.

Please understand that it is possible to know God, read His Book!

Dan Beliveau

Just another Piped Piper

Just another Piped Piper…
There seems to have been a lot of hoo-hah about Miley Cirus “twirking” on the MTV Awards and in some respects I don’t really get what all the fuss is about.
I get that Miley was once a Disney child star, but Disney has not been what you could call exactly ‘child friendly’ for many decades now, if at all they ever were. Their films have always been loaded down with all kinds of occult mumbo-jumbo from good and bad witches, following one’s own conscience, which is all fine and dandy unless you happen to have the conscience of Hitler or a serial killer; ogres and dragons and spells being cast left right and all over the place. Disney has not been a safe place for children to venture for manys a moon.
I get that many millions of children, especially girls have had Miley as a role model; why is simply beyond me; why we have any actor or singer or celebrity as a role model for our kids makes not a lick of sense to me.
It never really has.
I also get that she used Teddy bears in an inappropriate manner during her ‘performance’ and that black female dancers of a certain body type were also used in a degrading manner, upholding some very sick old degenerate racist ideas about black women in general in regards to how they are looked upon by white racists the world over.
Here is what I don’t get.
This is not new.
Miley did not do anything that has not already been done a thousand times before. Twenty five years ago Chrissie whatsherface from the Aussie group The Divinyls, writhed upon a stage, doing basically the same movements, dressed in a tiny Catholic school girls uniform singing about wanting to ‘have all the boys’.
No one so much as batted an eyelid!
Miley did not do anything that you cannot find on the average music video show on a Saturday morning when so many of our young children are unsupervised; most clips, mostly Hip-Hop, but now including Country, all have this ‘twirking’ going on, and much worse; soft porn played out to music.
The average HBO or ShowTime program has more sexually explicit scenes going on than what went on during the MTV Awards.
There were people in that audience who sat looking stunned and shocked who have done so much more on screen in their movies and TV shows so what they were all fussing about is a complete mystery to me.
I don’t get it!
Way back when as Rock n Roll came into being, all of the ‘stars’ were warned in one way or another that this music would lead to, well, to exactly what we saw Miley do during her performance.
Elvis was warned this is the Devil’s music.
He didn’t listen and ended up dying a drug addict sitting on a toilet, his one and only real throne, (Satan so likes to rub it in doesn’t he – The King of Rock dead upon such a pathetic throne). And I know many believers believe Elvis was a believer because he liked to sing Gospel songs; but I ask you, if Miley had followed up her ‘twerking’ with a rendition of How Great Thou Art’, would that make a difference to any believer looking on?
Johnny Cash was also warned, didn’t heed the warning, went into drugs and mayhem, left his wife, married June, and went to meet the Lord as an unrepentant adulterer, singing Gospel songs all the way.
Jerry Lee Lewis was also warned, he even admitted that Rock n Roll was the Devil’s music, but he chose the world instead to make money of his ‘God given talent’; and he ended up marrying a 13 year old cousin and was ridiculed during his English tour and was never much heard of again.
Ray Charles is another man fooled into selling his soul for the all that glitters here and now and he went through the same drugs and sex mayhem, breaking hearts all along the way.
These men are still looked upon as gods of rock today; celebrities still fawn all over their memories, calling them God’s blessing to the world and whatnot.
I think most of us have forgotten where it is we live today; we are living in the enemy’s territory, this world is still Satan’s to do with as he wants until the appointed time and to offer his kingdoms of silver and gold to whomever raises their hand up willing to sell their soul for such a prise.
Satan is still the prince of the power of the air.
And until Jesus comes back this will remain his turf.
So wee Miley is on the next leg of her journey downward; she is stripping off, promoting lesbianism in her videos, is denigrating black women and men, and is shaking her ‘money maker’ up there on stage and on the widescreen in 7.1 DTS surround sound.
Preachers preached that this is where Rock would lead us, that our children would be taken from an early age by he who can appear as an angel of light; that they would be lead away like the children of Hamlet by the many Piped Pipers who have, and will continue to, sell their souls for the promise of fame or infamy.
No one listened to these men back in the 40’s & 50’s.
People smirked.
People are still smirking.
I’m sure some reading this on my FB page will smirk.
And yet everything they warned us about, according to what they found taught in the Word of God, has come about, and is to continue until the end of all things has passed creation by.
How many of us today who were content to stand back and judge this unbeliever called Miley Cyrus sinned ourselves that very same day; how many lusted, lied, gossiped, cheated on our taxes, carried tales we shouldn’t have carried and all the other countless sins committed by believers each and every day around this planet?
Sin is sin is sin!
So Miley did her MTV thing.
The world is shocked.
And yet they will find another, newer version of Miley for our children to follow to their spiritual doom tomorrow, and another after that; there will always be another Piped Piper stealing the innocence of every land until the Lord’s return.
And people still fight to have this music in church?
Like I said at the beginning,
I don’t get it!
Shalom. AGD
Tony G Donaghey