Do you know God?

Someone I recently had a conflict with made the following statement. It was in regards to someone going from a former biker to a drag queen.

“Natives believe god makes or changes men and woman for a purpose and that even if we do not understand it there is a purpose ! pray that our creator helps you to accept this person”

My reaction at first was to tell her she was full of crap.

But I want to examine what a statement like that really means. And because of my stand I was called legalistic.

God in His Word tells us that when people do certain things it’s considered an abomination. I realize that in todays society in many places everyone wants to ignore what His Word says, but it’s still there.

No where does it say follow what I say until you don’t agree, then change what I mean. What God tells us is that if we choose to ignore Him, we are separating ourselves from Him even farther. I am someone who believes that the Bible is God’s complete guide to understanding Him. There are different forms of Blasphemy and when you say that He really doesn’t mean what He said, that He’s a liar. That none of it matters so we make up our own rules. If God says it’s an abomination then thats what He means.

Does it mean we hunt people down and hurt them? No, it means we don’t condone [accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue].

I have become so tired of seeing people who want to change God’s word because it’s easier than following His way. The women who made that statement more or less let me know I didn’t really know God and would answer for it one day.
But in all fairness I said this first. ” How dare you accuse God of changing someone. People do it all by themselves, and if you think thats from God you don’t know Him”.

Please understand that it is possible to know God, read His Book!

Dan Beliveau


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